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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Life Of Sorrow And Dispare

Looking up at grey skies,
reflects upon this grey life.
That like the wind has no cause,
or course to an end of lies.

The endless dark of night,
that plays the heart to die.
And leaves you with that sorrow,
that you know would never die.

Looking out the shattered window,
of a soul that has surrendered,
to the blackness of a never, dawning day.

Knowing that with each new day,
that night will always stay,
the only thing thats left to do,
is live in sorrow every day.

For you have played that fiddle,
of love for way to long.
For so long it seems that all i know,
is this love of ours is wrong.

I know not how it happened,
or when the night had come.
But i know my life's been shattered,
by knowing you for so long.

I hate you in the morning,
for all the things you've done.
And at night i feel the sorrow,
of a life thats long passed on.

You came into my lonely life,
to play on all my thoughts.
I loved you like no other,
but know that that was wrong.

My life had always been my own,
now not any more.
I wish that i had never seen,
you standing at my door.

~ From: "A Walk to Remember" ~


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