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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


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Mena Suvari, Greg Kinnear, Jason Biggs, Tom Sadoski, Zak Orth, Twink Caplan, Andrea Martin, Steven Wright


Nerdy, good-natured Paul Tannek (Biggs) is a square peg in the round hole that is New York University. His pot-smoking, girl- chasing roommates hate him, and everyone else on campus ignores him. But when he meets fellow student Dora Diamond (Suvari) he discovers a kindred spirit. Dora is practically broke, has nowhere to live, and her boyfriend, Professor Edward Alcott (Kinnear), is more interested in manipulating her than loving her.

The more people push them around, the closer Paul and Dora get. She helps him dress better and appreciate New York, he lets her stay with him while she finds a job. In the end, Paul and Dora not only fall for each other, they find the courage to walk away from the people who walk all over them-proof that even losers get lucky sometimes.

Running Time: 98 min.

Director: Amy Heckerling

Studio: Sony

Producers: Twink Caplan, Amy Heckerling

Screen Play: Amy Heckerling


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