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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Poems + quotes from "A Walk to Remember"

Loveing Yourself First....

There once was a girl who was only fifteen
she started dating this guy, this guy was her dream
he was the type that would actually care
she was the one who wanted him there
he visited her a couple of times a week
she said that they a a good couple and very unique
she said that they will grow old together and have many kids
but to me that is something his mom have forbids
she said that she will do him wrong
and to her the two teenagers did not belong
but then she got used to the fact
that if she did not like her she will just have to act
as months pass by they are still together
but no one knows how long is forever
he started calling her names and he started embarrassing her
and that is when she started the stir
she started crying more and more
and the crying was caused by him
and all he said was that she was a wh0re
he likes a type of girl and she knows that
so she started dressing little less
and started being a pain and a brat
now, all this pain of him looking at other girls is killing her inside
but still she saids she loves him so for her sixteenth birthday he walked her down the asile like if she was her bride
we were just celebrating her becoming a "woman"
so they went to a room and he
told her that he was a true man
she gave him her all
but all he wanted was the power to make her crawl
everyday from 1 to about 8 she stays in his place
and everytime she comes home she has no smile upon her face
one day when everything was about to be told
she told her oldest sister the
secret that she she holds
she did not love herself
for she did not know who she was anymore
she was all fill with all these lies
if only she can see why he was with her
it was only for what is between those thighs........................

For it was not into my ear you whisphered,
but to my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed
but my soul
Don't hold something in your arms
that you can't hold in your heart
Guys are like lolipops
all the sweet ones are taken
and all that is left for us
are the sour ones
"Do you have a map? cuz i'm getting lost into your eyes....."
"Can i see your tag of your shirt? cuz i know it saids "made in heaven" "


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